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New Ohio Pupil Transportation Operation and Safety Rules were recently adopted.  One of the new rules directly affects the method by which students will load and unload at bus stops.  Our drivers will be teaching students the new rules during the beginning of each new school year.

The changes have been made by the state to make transportation safer for students.  The changes are as follows:

1.         Each student will have a Designated Place of Safety on the residence side of the bus assigned by the bus driver.

2.         For loading in the morning, each student will go to the designated place of safety before the bus arrives and wait until the bus driver signals for the students to board the bus.  Before leaving the designated place of safety, the bus driver is required to count the students and then count them again as they board the bus.  The hand signal to be used by drivers is to raise the hand palm up and out towards the windshield.  When safe to board, the driver will make eye contact with the students and slowly drop the hand straight down.

3.         For unloading after school, students will be required to go to their designated place of safety.  They must remain there until the bus leaves the bus stop before they can proceed to their residences.  While at the designated place of safety, students will be counted by the bus driver to make sure the number is the same as what was counted when students got off of the bus. 

The new rules do not allow students who miss the bus to try to flag the driver to stop the bus.  Students may only board the bus from their designated place of safety.  The rules state that each pupil shall be assigned and required to use a specific school bus stop except in unusual circumstances as approved by the transportation supervisor.  Students who miss the bus will have to provide their own transportation to school.